I remember two dreams.

I was watching my dad's television at night. He came out of the bathroom after taking his bath and he stood there looking at me, he wanted to watch his Hockey team but said nothing and went to my parents's bedroom. I stayed there a few minutes then went downstairs where my television is to watch it there. I went and look at his game minutes later and it had barely started so if he would of went to the living room after I had gone he would of seen it from the start.

I was playing in a Tennis tournaments with all the pros. Andy Roddick was either my coach or a fan of mine because he was there for all my games cheering me on. For one match I had major pain from cramps and something else probably but I kept on going. At one point I had fallen and I had to use my racket for getting back up. The match stopped before the end because of the other player or something else (not rain) and Dicky was the one who took me in his arms to get off the court, I was actually in front of him with my legs around him and he was stroking my back talking to me while we were getting off the court. I think I remember going back still in pain but that's it.