Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

Me and my parents went shopping to a big city. We were about to go back home when I saw that a store I never went in except once and end up not liking had a liquidation so we went in. It was ridiculous, everything was still there unsold eventhough there were lots of people because the prices were very high. Almost immediately a seller came to see me and I told her about me and that store after she spoke to me and she followed me everywhere after that. I told her that the prices were way too high for a liquidation and she agreed. I ended up after almost checking out the entire store at a rack (like Winners has) and there I found a cute pink and white shirt at 5,00$ but it was one size too small. Then I saw another rack where we could give our names and renew our driver's license, mine was up in a few months (2 i think) so I decided to get it done now. I gave my name and they said that they would give me a small test before renewing it and I said okay but while I was waiting I realised that it was a bad idea since it had been a long time that I had driven a car, I was always nervous while driving and I was hungry. So I finally said that I had changed my mind and that I would renew it where I lived when it was the time. They said okay but that we had to buy for 30$ of food since that it was going to cost me. I was hungry so I said okay. We had to go outside the store and their restaurant was on the other side of the street. A server was outside and he was like why are they not coming here, we did not because we thought that it was stupid. He tried screaming our orders from where he was but we ignored him so he came to see us. He showed us a few pieces of chicken with a few fries, a little sauce and a little piece of bread and we told him that for 30$ it was nothing so he showed us something else that was still too little food for that price so we told him that we would get nothing. Someone else told me that if we would do that then I could never get my driver's license renewed. So I went to a police station and asked them if it was true and they told me no. Before I could leave they all had to evacuate, when we were all outside I asked about their dogs and they realised they were still inside, they all went in (the building was almost all destroyed) with me first. The dogs were still alive barking in cages, when they opened the doors by pushing a button they all got electrocuted and died there.