I remember one dream.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house that looked different (especially at the end from outside) and I think I looked different too (maybe i was younger), I was alone and saw a gang of criminals outside so called 911 and before they started breaking in I knew where to hide, told the operator when they were breaking in and that I would hide in a closet at the end with a pile of clothes on me, I was thinking they would not even go there since these closet were not large (long though) and that if so they would not look in a pile of clothes, the operator stopped talking but was listening, they realised I was there and acted like nothing happened, at one point I saw one or some of them but it did not clicked they could also see me, one put a big firework there then told me that if I moved it would go on, I moved then but nothing happened, I finally at one point ran and it went on, they all got caught there and the house was soon in fire, when running out I started to thing of the four musketeers (no Daisy and Ceasar there in that dream) but ran out, a woman who looks like a friend of my parents (the neighbor in front of that house) came but in this she was the mom of a criminal (maybe she arrived later), I came back in the house soon and got the four, freaked out then or after out because Gagou was a little melted so got the pajama off and I think at least one other was too melted which would of been impossible in real life since the three are stuffed. I continued to freak out while the house kept burning and the woman stayed there, it soon ended.