I remember one dream.

I do not remember the start or the end. A man was looking at small tunnels connected that had water and small Crabs in it. Another man was saying where they used to be (cannot recall that too) and the goal was for the man to put his hands there (the tunnels were elevated so about face level) to find things (cannot recall that either) it was a game (i think it was televised) the man who had to do that asked questions about the Crabs and the other man answered (at least 1 was about eating - it led to some shelves with canned food that was mostly or all fish or seafood - someone mentioned a fish [do not exist in real life - cannot remember it was a small name] that like tuna never had bones when you ate it - he was offered some but that looked old so he said that he would try some other later). The host said that the subject was changed and that he had to do it. I know by that part I was there physically but at the start I remember thinking that these poor Crabs were being tortured.