I remember three dreams.

I woke up and saw that dad had went to the grocery store and got me a fresh white bread that was my favorite. The next thing I remember was them talking and I thought he was talking about available jobs and I said something that was an exclamation mixed with a questions and after saying what or something like that or something else he said yes a job that would be a good thing for you. I was angry because he said it like I never tried to get one. I looked at the job ads. I imagined myself doing all, one in particular was interesting to me but I would of taken one either way. I think I had at least one job interview but it may of been my imagination too.

We were living here but it was different especially the outside which most looked like the surroundings in Ste-Florence. There was many Birds especially Ducks, at one point I was looking out a window and there were many in the water and I saw a Bald Eagle there too swimming like a Duck, I was about to say what I was seeing (maybe i did) and the Eagle caught a Duck or tried or did but lost the Duck.

I was renovating a shed that would be a small house for me and mom was helping me. Before the men returned we decided to do a few things, we mostly wanted to install shelves on a wall that was finished, we got the first one and placed it at different places to see and with the voice of Elmo when it was at the highest place possible I said that it was beautiful there. Mom made sure it was okay then she went to get something, she took a long time so I was getting tired and when she came back at like the last second I lost my grip a little and she looked at me like I was a moron, I even heard gasps from people but there were none, also I had like a material or and a string in one hand but did not have that before.