I remember two dreams.

I was living in the Saint-Hubert house and had a job. I put on my favorite pair of dress shoes that had a little heel then a red dressed skirt and a red turtleneck and got on the bus to go to work. I sat on the first seats that were facing the windows not the start of the bus. Everybody were looking at me mainly a man but I did not care. I soon took my flip phone and everyone were thinking I was so not in fashion with that so laughing at me but again I did not care. I was having fun with a friend on the phone, looking good (women were jealous to see that i had a flat tummy and i was making sure to often get up to pull on my clothes so everyone would see it then sit back down) and I had a job. I do not know if this is that day or another day but it looked like I would be late and mom was on me for that but I was not late at all, just last second.

I was out in public and then learned that Michael Fassbender had voiced over something in a movie and I said aloud that it was impossible, that I would of known since I am a huge fan. The latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie was playing before or during that and I said oh no these movies gets on my nerves or something like that. I then watched that movie or and something else to hear Fassy's voice but nothing, I said I knew it. Then I thought of checking his IMDB page and there too no mention of him ever doing that. I think it was either the screen saying that or a radio. Some parts people were looking at me but not judging or laughing at me.