I remember three dreams.

Me and my parents moved to another house. I had a bathroom attached to my bedroom. I was planning how I would decorate and for the bathroom I decided to go with yellow curtains and shower curtain and small carpet. Mom when she heard was shocked and said that it was ugly but I said that I wanted a SpongeBob theme which was why I picked that color eventhough I did not really liked it. For my bedroom I put many things (not nails - the things we use to pin papers on stuff) in a row then my plan was to keep them on sometimes and put decorations on then or in the holes, one at a time then two at a times, I realised with the number of holes and change that every week I would not probably get to all of them but this is what I wanted to do (by that i think a man was there).

I was in bed and was looking at the time, I was about to hear the alarm clock but wanted a few minutes extra. When I saw the time finishing with an eight I went to close the alarm clock but I saw that it was 11:58 and the alarm was set for 11:30. I was angry, got up (in the dream i was wearing a pj in bed - in reality i sleep naked) and examined the clock wondering what happened, it was still on the alarm mode. Someone was there (i think she was there too before i got up) and I said angrily what happened, after checking it out I realised that the sound was off and I was more angry saying that this would make me more tired the day I had to get up early and would throw me off my plan of taking one hour off per day to get me there. I do not remember if the woman said anything. My bedroom was also at least a little different (the least was more room in between furniture).

A young Cat was screaming in pain and for help, he or she was attached to his or her mom who seemed dead or dying, the kitten was in bad shape too. I made sure they went to a shelter to get help but the person there threw them in a cage without giving them medical help (learned that after). The mom ended up dying and when the kitten was finally seen the veteranirian said that he or she could be saved. I ended up adopting him or her, slowly I got him or her to calm down and realised that he or she was in a better place.