I remember two dreams.

I went to an hotel for a vacation. The woman who plays Darlene on Roseanne was doing commercials for a website that had hotel deals and it was playing where I went (saw that before i appeared). The woman who took care of me said so you will look different (do not know if we talked about what i would do first or it was part of my vacation plan) and I said oh yes, there was magazines with pictures of hair cuts and colors and I either said I did not know yet or that I did not want to say. I got in my room and checked the television (i maybe asked first what channels there was) I opened it to look at the channels and I ended up on The Bold And The Beautiful and I was shocked by how much it was sucking compared to when I watched it, I wondered why the oldest actors were either still there or had came back and I did not see Brooke and I said well at least it looks like she got out of that mess and maybe Ridge too.

A family that was a mom and kids were living in poverty, their house had mud as a floor. They also had something to either lay or sit in it so that they would not be in the mud and one day the mom took it for herself and her addiction (do not remember what but it was a shock and sudden and stupid). The kids got fed up and suddenly it became me that was getting the things ready slowly to move away from my parents. I was doing it in secret and easily because mom and dad were busy but when I was almost ready it became harder because mom was suddenly not busy anymore. At first I only got the minimum them added things and then was checking things like decoration but did not want any from my childhood. By the end I was outside and they were too (the house and yard was the Saint-Hubert house with another feel) and I looked in a pot that was big and a Bird (not looking like any that exist) was in it, I was excited and mom too and suddenly dad started a story and was moving his arms and since he was next to the big plant pot where the Bird was he hit the Bird, I kept warning him (mom too i think) to be careful, he did not even realised he hit the Bird. When he finally did I started to hit him and asking him how it felt, he said nothing and mom too so I started to yell at him then her then both about what they had done to me.