I always make it a point to ask people if they can share a dream they had. I hope you will share one of yours here with us!

Meanwhile, I can share with you another dream I have had recently about a house. Houses typically represent ourselves so it was interesting that in this dream, the house was quite unusual in the floor plan. One bedroom led to another wing which you had access to only through that one bedroom, etc.

The houses in my dreams can be slightly different but for a while I was seeing a particular house. It was big with two or three stories and very large and expansive inside with many rooms. I liked to have guests and visitors over so my sisters and their families are often in my dreams in my large house. I just recall how the floor plan was different.

Sometimes, access to huge other wings of the house was limited through a bedroom and I thought that it was inconvenient even in my dream.

I suppose, this reflects how I feel: I am different. Unusual even. I love my family, even my extended family, and they are in my home and heart all the time. However, some areas of myself, while inviting and open to guests, are not easy to access.

Wow, what a boring post. Sorry.

Lori Chidori Phillips
Bellaonline Dreams editor
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