I remember one dream.

I was living in what looked a little bit like the Saint-Hubert house but it was mostly different and had a little vibe of this house. We had a few guests and they were watching television with dad. I got up or was already up but I ended up where they were and opened a door that for a few seconds was barely in front of that television (not even an inch). Dad freaked out, closed the television and told everyone to come in the room where my television was with an attitude that showed that he would take that room soon. I told mom while pointing at that direction if he thinks that he would take my room and my television he is mistaken, I for some reason eventhough I was not scared of him said it softly. He came out by himself with an attitude and I went straight to him and said you old smhuck if you think you will take my television and my room you have another thing coming, I said something else like I am not afraid of you or and you are not the king of the world. He remained quiet with an attitude that he would win. I do not remember if that ended there or if something else happen other than mom stayed there and was quiet and afraid.