I remember three dreams.

We were going to move and mom called the agent who sold us this house but either before of during or after the call I saw that they showed their schedule and every dates showed that they were close, I told her that and she looked because she did not believe me. She finally reached him and he said that in a few days he would retire. They started talking, mom explained why we were moving but it was lies mostly. He came by and started helping and towards the end he was doing renovations which I was helping at one point, he asked to hold something in place and not move, when he started hammering I moved a little bit but he said nothing and continued.

I was moving on my own. I tried to do that secretly then I tried to not have them know where I was going but they knew. They insisted on moving me there and then mom not only helped getting my things inside the apartment she started to clean. The four musketeers were there but Elmo was not with the others, at the end he said something but I do not remember except that he was not supposed to be there because of the cleaning.

I was Carrie and they were trying to get me but I knew what they were doing but acting like I was going along. It looked like they also were trying to get a fat man. I ended up with him and I think at least someone else in a car then we were all naked with white towels. I went somewhere where my clothes were hiding and then I used my powers with a knife. The woman who was the cruelest in the movie acted like she was dying when I cut her a little bit and when I was living she acted like a psychopath again so I cut her again and again it was the same thing so I put (again with my powers like all the cutting) the knife where the next step was her being stabbed and she was acting like a psychopath again laughing it up. I cannot remember what happened next but shortly after I woke up.