I remember one dream.

All I remember is one part (im pretty sure there was at least 1 more thing in that dream) in which I was in a small shopping mall with my parents which was either abandoned or had cheap shops or some shops had some merchandise and it was telling where to go to buy (sometimes it did not look that small). Dad went to a small shop where two things were sold, one was dill pickles and he asked for some, he told the woman that we were living far but he wanted to come just for these pickles which made her happy. She stared asking personal questions, the first was weird which was do you often get swollen and he said yes and she nodded or something like that then she asked if we felt bad often and he said not really then opened up a little, mom I cannot recall if she said anything and I wanted to talk but did not gave my parents the satisfaction so I said everything was fine with me (they both were looking at me then), she was at the same time cutting the pickles, depending on what he said either coarsely or normally.