I remember two dreams.

This could of been in the other dream at the start. I was somewhere that I thought was gorgeous then I saw a spider and another and it was like they were everywhere, I of course was panicking more and more. I was in nature so rocks, grass, trees and everything else was around.

I was looking at places and houses to buy (i think something else happened but im not sure). I was in a boat and I was looking but when I saw a small island of almost all rock and the middle was like a mountain and that on top it was enough to build a house (either there was something there or i was imaging what could be there) and I asked to visit then or before I said I would get that. The plan was to build a small house to have some room to walk around but it would have three levels then it would have solar panels that would be on the sides but close to the house and of course steps to make it easy to go up and down and at first I thought metal (at least the railing) but then I asked for the steps to be made out of the mountain or a material like it. I even asked for a wind turbine then I was walking and talking all excited and then said that I could not believe how I had the money for all that, I was so happy. Then I was showing the house and it is like (maybe it was another dream) it was not me anymore and I ended up showing an hidden place where food and other essentials were stored in case, it looked super old and that it could not even be good anymore plus all the or almost all or at least some of the other things were not even essentials I think.