I remember one dream.

I do not remember the start and other parts. The first thing I remember is someone okay now I remember the start! Kevin Bacon from the movie where he becomes invisible and then a psychopath was there and the other actors too, it started like that then he got out and it was Sylvester Stallone after him, Sylvester was waiting in a crowd and down there was some kind of tunnel where people walked there and he was sitting high and reading or and doing this on purpose to not be seen because he knew he could be spotted easily from there, at one point he had his eyes closed and I do not know if he was really sleeping or not. The end was Kevin but he looked like Naomi Campbell and another woman was helping her get ready to leave for what seemed another planet, they were in a lab that also looked like a house that had a huge room. The woman asked her what haircut she wanted then she described one her mom had and Naomi said that one with a smile and happily the woman did it, she was no hairdresser but it looked good (not at the start - she actually cut some hair before the conversation of the hair happened). Naomi was happy and the woman said something silly and she laughed and bumped into her. I do not know if something else happened besides she had to go soon.