Two dreams just came back to me.

I was part of either Sylvester Stallone's family or friends or I was working with him in a movie or something. I was in a car with his daughters and we stopped somewhere. I came out and started reading a book, I was touching a truck that seemed like it was the one my dad had sold but I did not care if the real owner would be angry that I was on it to read. The daughters had stayed in the car. We seemed to be where a stop was, there was a restaurant and there were lots of rocks around. Then something happened and I said something along the lines of that poor man this is what his life's going to be now that he is getting married to a woman. That man or another man heard me and I said something to him or and he did to me, one of us said thanks. I went swimming in the river that was right there and people were there and the man thought it was dangerous and I either said no it is not or that I did not care. Then what I remember (it may of happened like that) me and a lot of people were swept away (before that Sylvester called or while in the river and i told him what was going on and he promised to find us) and we were able to reach the shore and we ended up somewhere where it seemed to be mostly secret. We entered and it looked like an hotel but we went in places that we were not supposed to, at least one of us warned that we were not supposed to be there. Someone asked us what we were doing and someone said something acting like everything was okay, we were all acting normal.

I do not remember much of that what I think was small dream. A lot of people were in a dancing contest. Justin Timberlake was called and he danced and of course everyone looked like idiots next to him. He went away but came back and danced with everyone, by then I was there and I danced next to him, we were both chewing bubble gum and had immediately learned the choregraphy and were doing easily while chewing gum.