I remember two or three dreams.

John Goodman was either in the first dream or another.

That was a weird one! All I remember is the end, someone told me something along the line of you will finally regret it or you will know how it feels and what that was was King Kong killing other King Kongs that were all smaller than him and everyone of them were smaller than the others. It happened outside in nature, many people were around and everyone were panicking. I was too but I stayed there watching in horror.

I went to get two washcloths to wash my face later with and I saw that one of those that had fallen on the floor when I was taking them out of the dryer (when that happens i fold them another way - did it in that dream too but that part i did not see or i am forgetting it) and I thought oh I thought I had used these entirely. I do not remember if I took it or left it there for later.