I remember three dreams.

Mom had made mollasso (sp???) cookies but I was just eating the dough which tasted weird but I ate it all. The next day she made some more and I again just ate the dough again despite it tasting weird plus by that time I wanted to eat cookies too but did not want to waste the dough. I had put the bowl from the first day back in the fridge despite being basically none left, I stopped eating from the second bowl and told mom that while taking the first bowl out of the fridge, I scraped the rest and put it in the compost bin then put the bowl near the sink and went back to the dough.

For some reason the mail was weirdly given. They now gave parts of either packages and letters. Got something Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The last day was almost all of the front of the envelop (from a friend i had not heard in years - she had put many stamps and 2 had Tucker Carlson on which excited me more), the first day it was an important letter so part of that envelop and the second day was part of a package so part of the box. I had papers saying where to go to get the rest.

I was doing either the morning or night routine but after starting the bathroom part I started to be annoyed then I calculated how much time in life we lost doing stuff like that. I though maybe going at least a day without that but quickly eliminated that idea.