I remember five dreams.

Britney Spears was at a game show. Three women on one side and three men on one side. At one question that was what is that theme song from a show is (they were asking for the name of the song) she buzzed and happily said something but turns out she was wrong, after the two other women got a wrong answer the men too and then she said (maybe it was before the others had a chance or not all) another thing and she was right. Everybody was happy and it was the end of the show, they all went together and she did too but everybody ignored her and she looked at her people made a movement with a finger and went there, she was smiling but not happy anymore.

I was on this website. When we were writing though it was like handwriting. One person asked me to name the seven things that I wished I could have but never had, someone else said that she could help me because she was good at (i think she said chakra). I never said seven but I started to write while thinking I would name seven but I could barely read what the woman who would help me wrote and my writing was worst. I erased the second thing before finishing because I could not reread myself (i think i explained why there was only 1 or and said that i would come back later because of the emotions).

Matt Damon was in it and he was Jason Bourne or playing it or it had in another way had to do with that subject.

I had started to drive again and loved it. I was in the Saint-Hubert house but it looked and felt different. My brother was there too and like always when he was there he did not talk. I started by driving dad's car but then drove my brother's car which nobody thought I would (they thought i could not drive it) but I did. By the end I said that I would calculate with my money if I could get a car for myself and mom who was there and either reading or writing smiled and said there's no way I could do it with an attitude and I said yes I could and explained her how. She still had that attitude and that smile but I think said nothing. Dad was not there (working i think he was in that dream - just remember another dream) and my brother too he was out with friends or a friend. Then I said that I could just take my brother's car whenever he did not have it but I had to do changes for the decoration, mom said he would not like it then I either thought of the changes or did it (decoration), I think I changed clothes to do that (i have the impression i was almost naked).

That was dreamt before the last or maybe was part of it before the end (not that sure about that). I was in one of the Saint-Hubert living room but it was decorated differently and I think was that room was used differently. Dad was going to work and for a joke opened a little bit his ice box and mom said ew it smells bad, I could smell it too but did not say anything (i think i was holding my nose before he opened it and left it like that after he opened it in case or and for the remaining smell). He laughed and said something like hey I go in the woods and hunt or fish or work.