I remember three dreams.

Milo Yiannopoulos was being interviewed. He was being mocked and disrespected but he did not care since this is what makes him win. He answered the questions and said what he wanted to say. Even the people working there who were a fan were mocking him by asking for high fives and giving these high fives like they did not care. The man who interviewed him shook his hand at the end like the high fives. The interviewer also had a Cat that was meowing because he wanted something I went to get him and asked him what he wanted, to go out, food, his litter box, water and he was meowing louder with water so I understood but for water we had to go in a big bowl of cereal that had milk in it. At first I tried getting water in a Froot Loop but of course it did not work then I got a bowl, the poor Cat was waiting and meowing. I put the water bowl near his mouth and he picked it while drinking and got out of the cereal bowl with it.

I got a house in the middle of a forest and a Cat that was a Black Panther. At first everything was fine but of course when the Panther was getting older it was more dangerous. Finally when an adult he was living in the forest and I would give him big pieces of meat and he would not attack me. I got a friend over one day and told him to be careful.

I only remember the last thing which was a song.