I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I stunk and I think it was either because of my pajama or mostly because of it.

An actor from Beverly Hills wanted out, he was remained that he was the most popular and was super rich but did not care. He was then remembered that he was a drug addict or still a drug addict and he did not care. Until then it was Jason Priestley then he turned into Michael Douglas and he ended up naked and screaming at people and in a bathroom with other naked people with drugs. This is all I remember.

I do not remember much of it. It looked like the movie Mutant World and had a few actors of it and also later it had other actors. When they came out they found others and you had to prove you were not infected so able to go back with the others inside to go in a slide one after the other then you ended up in like a small invisible thing where people asked you questions while computers checked you out and you were either then disinfected or and washed. Also they completely removed memories or anyone that were in the army and that included you so in that case your memories for that or these people were killed or something. She freaked out over that because her dad was a soldier and she remembered him and caused a scene and then I think wanted revenge.