I remember two dreams.

I was walking with Chris Pratt and his ex wife. We were in nature. Either I or one other or two of us or all of us said it was pretty, it was not ugly but it was not extraordinary either. We were supposed to turn around but me or him or both of us wanted to see what was next so we both went and kept walking when we saw it was like a city then it was a dump and a Dog behind a fence scared me (i said he was like a bear) then it was a street but it was like we were in that dump, a man with a Dog was there and the Dog barked and we either were not scared or the man said to not be scared (maybe he said to look around) it was like a store then, a street that looked like a dump on both sides but things were for sell. He saw an old jeep and he said he loved those, I saw it and I said I liked those too or that it looked cool or something like that. We went in one by one and I asked questions about diesel since he said it worked on it then after answering he said that I could drive it which surprised me. At one point one of us started to worry about his ex but by then or later she found us. The price was 21000$ and something and I found it on a seat. That is all I remember but I am pretty sure that was it.

All I remember is that the four musketeers and the two others (unless they were not there) were already in their bed and it was not night and I was not going to bed and it was not me who did it.