I remember four dreams.

I found something hidden in my computer, it was either a virus or something else, this is all I remember.

A young man was angry that living beings (either Goldfish or Sea Monkeys or Fish eggs) was being ignored, most either did not care or figured there were many of them so a few did not matter. He took care of them before they died (they would run out of water). Then (or this is how he started with them) he put them in small round aquariums but these rounds were connected so it was beautiful to look at and the animals could swim in longer places. People were impressed, some even started having remorse. At the end at least one person thought but what about the air and feeding, I do not know if this was it for the dream or there was something else.

It was the movie The Happening but different at least a little bit.

It was the continuation of the last dream but that time I was in it (maybe i was in the other too since I barely remember anything from it except what it was about). I was held up in the house they end up going with the gun people, I killed them all (1 or 2 were left alive but i did not care because [just remembered it] they left [that part was not like the movie] people they shot still alive and suffering in the first dream) and then took my time getting all my stuff (clothes - other personals) and got in a car and started driving, at first it was a normal car then it changed to a minivan (do not think i changed cars - it just changed in the dream) and I ended up seeing a young girl walking so I stopped and asked her if she needed help (or i asked in another way like you need a ride) and she said yes, she tried to hide it but she was so relieved. We started slowly talking and then we became good friends. We made plan to build something in the woods far from people, I had understood that that was happening when many people were together. At the end we ended up in a big city and surpringly there were many people, I drove around trying to find a store with few people or none to hurry and get things but I saw suddenly the leaves and branches starting to move, first slowly then fast so I told her it would start soon and drove faster to get out, I saw a Labrador and tried to get him in the car but he did not leave his human and I saw her kill him which made me angry and I screamed obscneties directed at her eventhough I knew it was not her fault.