I remember one dream.

I was running away from the killer from the movies and miniserie Wolf Creek (i also did not look like myself but it was me - i actually changed appearance 2 times - the first i mostly looked like the woman in the show and by the end i was darker almost black). It started on his property and since I started to run in advance I was able to reach the nearest town where I was able to enter a house after knocking without him knowing where I was. The woman who opened the door looked like my mom, I made the do not say anything sign and went hiding and almost immediately the man knocked on that door (he had done it at least 1 more place). The woman was acting a little suspicious which he found weird but by the end it was explained and he believed it. After the psycho was done I stayed in that small town because I thought it was cute but I was deeply affected by what had happened. The woman let me stay in her house. I was looking for a job and got a second interview at the movie theatre, I was excited about it because I always wanted to work in a place like that, I asked if it was a good thing that second interview and I was told that a third meant you had the job and a second you almost had it. Turns out I got it and I started almost immediately. It was a small salary but depending where exactly you worked you were paid more. I was able to calculate how to get my own place with that salary and be able to afford everything I needed. I started at almost the lowest salary but from day to day we learned the day before work where we would work next. One day I sold many item of food but someone else had made it, the person who made it got the money and I was almost angry about it and I was told by that person that I was explained it and I said I joked and we all laughed. That is all I remember but I think this was it.