I remember two dreams.

I was in the passenger seat of a car and the driver was Antoine Roussel. There were many paparazzis after us and we were touching each others on purpose to make them think we were having an affair, his wife was on it so we knew she would not be angry with the pictures, videos and people talking. We ended up in a store where we kept touching each others and at one point we turned our backs to the window and took a selfie making sure all these psychopaths were also in the pictures. The next thing I remember is me riding a bike but I was not followed anymore which disappointed me because I wanted to keep manipulating them, I realised some were from afar so I acted like I had troubles riding and stopped a few times and one of those times I was acting like I had seen somebody I knew and was waving and doing other gestures like talking, that worked because these psychopaths came closer. That is all I remember but I think that was my entire dream.

Milo Yiannopoulos went back to a university. Everybody was shocked to see him, those who were a fan wanted him out and those who hated him were gloating. He went straight to a show room with many seats and said that he had things on the people who hated him, those who were instrumental in destroying him. He had four people and they were the four who started that he is a pedophile thing (in the dream), he named them one by one then said what they had done and showed the proof. The first three were awful things and the last was her being an hypocrite. He left with a huge smile on his face. Then it was a couple with a friend and me, I went in the small room that was in the Saint-Hubert house where all our shoes and coats were. I was going out and going to put shoes but when I saw those people I changed my mind (it was different where the door was - it was all made of glass and the outside was straight to a street and in reality it was to our yard). I went to a pair of boots then picked another pair. The man started to tell a story and the others cut him and went a little far away from him ignoring him. He went in the room, I was still there but it was like I was just looking at what was a show or something and when it started it was night but then it was day. The man was smiling and looking at his friends then the woman screamed and he went outside to know what happened, the man in the couple said what happened but I cannot remember it, she was almost hysterical.