I remember one dream.

I do not remember the start except that it was the same but with other people living in another place. The end was a group of four young friends, a man who was going out with one of the women and who used to go out with the other woman, until the very end no jealousy was involved. The woman going out with the man had a car that was old and it had to have some repairs done before they all went on a trip together before they all separated to work or study. Her car started having more problems so her and her boyfriend went to a garage and it was something that would cost 10000$ and the man asked how much with these repairs that we could sell that car later and he was told maybe 15000$, his girlfriend later said that they should do it and he said it was a crazy idea because they did not have that amount of money plus it would be wasted because of the value of the car. Right before that or then she started to be jealous of the old girlfriend who since then had been her best friend. They were all packing and she was looking at pictures and one was not theirs, it looked normal but was scary, then there were more and more and they were more scary from one another and she could even see like a movie things happening starting at the second picture or another (a scary place where Golden Retrievers lived outside and ate each others - the last picture a boy ended up there and he was eaten by 1 or several of the Dogs - psychopaths who killed people lived in the house and they were the same who killed at the start which were not their first kills). She knew their vacation would turned out awful but she said nothing, I did not see it because the dream stopped there but they all got killed by the killers I am sure.