I remember one dream.

A man who was a dad was in a music store (maybe something else happened before) and a bodyguard or someone else with bodyguards were sent in the store for a celebrity and that one would go in front and the man (looked like Tony Danza in Who's The Boss) said so I will miss my plane to go see my child because of that person and he was told yes and I think he said I do not think say. Then after a few things which I do not recall Vin Diesel as the character he plays in XXX was in a big car with some of the bad guys including the woman from the first movie, he was not really supposed to be there but they were taking all their energy on people following them, after a few things I do not remember he asked if they gad a snowboard and a rope (maybe 1 or more things) and they said yes and he used these things but I do not remember that except him getting ready and during that time the woman who was driving had flashbacks of him and she realised he was gay which is why he had not been seen in a long time (maybe that was asked of him in the car which is why she thought of these things - 1 was from a video he had made and 1 was with the celebrity who was maybe dead - XXX asked about him before or after the things).