I remember two dreams.

I was in bed and awake while listening to mom. It was getting later and as far as I knew she had not washed any loads of laundry and that almost made me angry because she was supposed to do a white and a dark color loads because I had one white and two dark colored things I needed to wash and she told me she would do it since I was getting up late. Then I heard her go to the machines and I fell asleep then heard her doing another load when waking up so I was hoping this was it.

People were freaking out in a positive way about an Hockey player, it was like he was new but in real life he is retired. I was rolling my eyes while surrounded by his fans then when they were going on about his height I said he is not that big and they laughed at me and I pointed out that many were and are taller then while looking at pictures I found one that he was surrounded by other players and I said ha look at that one and he was indeed not the tallest but even in the picture you saw people in awe of him, one player in particular had big eyes like he was in shock of his height but that same player was taller and bigger. Then I was looking (maybe that happened before or during i said something) at what seemed to be two packs of coupons that people needed to take off but it was pictures that I sometimes would take off either one by one or many at a time. Then while watching a game I said the Stars will be playing soon so we will finally see an interesting game which angered others and some laughed at me but I did not care. I was not really watching but at the end when I watch a player was hit and when we could see him almost half of his face was missing, the skin and bones were gone, I was in complete shock and disgust and it seems that nobody was freaking out over this, the player that hit him was slow getting off him and the only other who was there was a referee and when it was cutting to commercials he took one hand that had a glove on like the players do and he put a few fingers in the hole that used to be in cheek and he seemed to be moving the head too, I was screaming something almost throwing up and the dream stopped.