I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that I was at an amusement park with at least one person I hated and that person too hated me and that one ride had two different rides and I ended up there with him, everytime it would end one of the places we could sit would disappear and we would continue riding until the end which was me and the man did but when one seat was left I wanted it and not the other but I did not want to ride a ride alone so I did not and it worked without anybody there and I regretted it.

Three people who were cruel (im pretty sure other things happened but if so i do not remember) ended up trapped in a house that would explode. It was an older man and woman and a younger woman who they thought was an idiot, she tried cutting a rope with anything she tried to found and they thought it was worthless but she kept at it and finally she did it and she told them, they tied the cut end in a hole of something that looked like a Mouse trap and then to the door handle and it actually worked in getting the door opened and a few moments was left so she screamed to hurry but then it was me and my parents and my parents were not hurrying up and they even wanted to grab a few things and I hurried them and said that we would just start over again (those 2 words were sarcastic but i knew we would die soon if we tried to grab things) I grabbed the four musketeers and I hurried and was hurrying both of them too, I stopped for a few seconds to make sure they were all there (Coin Coin i thought was missing then i saw him with the 3 others and i made sure his 2 clothes were there since he was hard to dress) and we were able to escape before the fire (i do not think at that point it was an explosion).