I remember one dream (another 1 tried to come back before coming here).

That I think there is a lot missing. It started (unless i forgot the start) in what seemed a basement, it was dark, a few people were there and one looked like Keanu Reeves or it was him. Two Dogs started having sex and he was a little excited about it and so were the others or other. Then it what seemed like a room but instead of walls there were bars like it was a cage two other Dogs were there but before they started having sex they went to the bathroom there (#2) one by one and it did not smelt great which affected them and they started having sex when the female was not even finished which was more disgusting to them. After the man who looked or was Keanu in what seemed to be the same place in the room or another room that looked like the walls were bars so the room a cage he talked about it to a psychiatrist who was listening but also busy doing other things, at first the man or Keanu was shy about it but he opened up then scared he asked if it meant he was sexually attracted to Dogs and the psychiatrist told him of course not. Then it was me with someone else near me, I looked out a window and saw a huge black Snake on a wall and I asked is that a Snake and the person looked and said yes, I then saw that on that wall above the Snake there were rows of shelves that were too like bars and on the first one Doberman so I exclaimed that and then almost immediately (before that the person said what can we do) I ran out and went to get the Dog then on the others there were more Dogs and got them all, the last one was like on the ground and there was many Dobermans there and they were puppies, got the last one last second and the Snake bit me on my back. I remember saying something about it or and someone else mentioned it.

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