I remember two dreams.

I saw a new brand of face products, there were for four different types of skin and four steps and I decided that would be my new face products but deciding when to use it and if having a facial before or not was driving me nuts.

I was in Montreal and went to La Ronde but left early without trying all my favorite rides that were left and the new ones that seemed interesting. Instead of taking the subway to leave I ended up walking on the bridge but it seemed like most people were doing that. Then after the bridge there was a subway station there (maybe in that dream this is how it worked - certainly not in real life) and I went there but I never had seen the name of that station and did not know what to do so I acted like I was looking for a friend then acted surprised to not see her and looked at the time (do not remember the name of the bracelet with the time) then took my cell and made believe a call asking her where she was. I got a real call on my cell while walking on the bridge but the reception was not good so I had asked that person to call me back.