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I keep dreaming about boats. Over the past few months I've dreamed of boats in dozens of different fashions. One of the first I remember from this sequence was a boat docked in the distance, it and the land between filled with people I'd known.

Last night I dreamed I was steering a boat down canals. Somehow it was perfectly balanced on land and drove like a sled.

The feelings in each of the dreams have been different, so I'm not sure what the overarching theme is.

Oh, boats! Lovely boats! Did you make out any details about these boats? It's interesting to note that your boats come in "dozens of different fashions."

Let's take a look at the first dream you remember with a boat docked in the distance. Boats are vehicles for transportation for work or leisure but they're different from other modes of transport because they travel upon water. Water symbolized your emotions. Being docked in the distance indicates a time when you felt as though you didn't want to express your emotions. In the past, have you distanced yourself from your own emotions?

The fact that the land in between was filled with people you've known could indicate that you haven't wanted to express your emotions to or about the people in your life.

Canals are very controlled streams of water. When it was time for you to experience or express emotions or feelings, you did so in a very controlled or careful way. I don't understand what you mean when you said "it was perfectly balanced on land." Was the boat you were steering on water or land?

In any case, the feeling of being perfectly balanced and driving like a sled indicates that you feel in control of how you are expressing your emotions and feelings.

The theme of boats seems to point to your ability to manage your emotional state during your waking life. Boats keep you afloat upon changeable waters (emotions and feelings).

In future boat dreams, try to note any details about the boats, the condition of the water, what type of water (lake, ocean) and how the boat is traveling (smooth, choppy).

Can any part of your waking life relate to this?

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