I remember one dream.

I do not recall if something happened first and if I was there and if so who I was. People (including my brother who like always did not talk) were walking in a forest. I (now i remember i was there and who i was) learned that at one place there was Turtles so I screamed it to the others or at least one person and went there. There were indeed many Turtles in that part of the forest, some were in the water and some were on land, some were adults some teenagers some kids and some babies. They were so cute which is one of the things I said. There were shells there and I told one person that he or she could sell it if completely intact he or she could make some money he or she just had to make sure that the price would be higher than the shipping. That person picked up a Turtle shell then I saw a big and beautifully colored shell in the water who used to be on a Snail. He or she took it and then thought it was indeed a good idea so that person continued walking to find shells to sell on the internet. Then that person had ideas to create things and sell these too, while walking he or she was thinking of these things and how much money it could go for.