I remember one dream.

I went to the arena of the Montreal Canadians, I remember me sitting in the stands with everyone else and laughing it up when they lost, my team was there, I did not look happy when it was over which after or and during leaving I was scared that someone would think that my team was that team then the focus in my mind was my shirt and why I did not have on something from the Stars, the arena looked different and it had a very dark atmosphere. Then I remember (this i think was the end - the first part i think was the start) I was there again or still but with the Stars and I went with what they have on while in the arena (shirts of the team with shorts) and I was on the ice but only with shoes, I was standing there like I was meditating like I would be playing and Jamie Benn joined me, I remember him saying something while smiling but cannot remember what he said.