I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that Brigitte was in it and we were on the phone or and I was on the phone in her presence.

I was checking the radio, I could get almost nothing but one channel had mostly good song plus at one point I heard at least one that I had not heard in a long time (years - since my youth). I changed the radio channel at one point then I had trouble finding it again which made me almost panic. Where I was did not look like here.

I was on the car with dad and he was driving. I asked a question about a tape or cd but it was to myself and he answered I do not know and I ignored him, I checked every songs a few seconds each starting at the end, I would say oh I did not liked that one or I liked that one or I hated that one or I loved that one. This was a Guns N' Roses album and strangely I either disliked or hated almost all of the songs despite them being my favorite group when I was young.

This was either part of one of the dreams or it was by itself. I was watching Metallica play with another group and it was either old or new which made me thing or older things they did. I was happy and moving around and I think I was also singing too.