I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I was washing something in the washer and it was going crazy, at first I tried letting it finish then at least once I stopped it then restarted it. Dad was sitting in his television chair and mom was in the kitchen or farther in the house and she realised something was up a while later, I think dad got up or and said something before that.

Dad was either dead or gone either by him leaving or mom leaving. She was going to visit something or someone and I think it had to do with my brother. A cousin of mine was going to drive her, at first I thought it was to where she was going but it was to a boat that she would take to the destination and when she would be back he would be where the boat started and drive her back. I realised that either when we were close to where the boat was or where it was (do not remember why i went there too). I reassured her that it would be easy, I told her where to go and when we saw that place I said to her (probably by showing her) see this is the door then inside and I told her where to go again with more explanations. I was walking back and I ended up where mom's best friend is, my cousin was there and was eating an apple and asked me if I wanted one and I said while pointing at my face that I had eaten a candy not long ago and he nodded then we kept walking up we got to trees where we had to go through and he was talking and I soon started to freak out because of spiders then really freaked out when I saw webs.

Celine Dion was singing and I ended up on stage with her and I was singing too and when it was to a song where at the end she was singing high notes before getting there she pointed at me and I nodded and I sang those notes. There were other singers too and one of them was not in a good mood and I do not remember what set her off and if it was from the start of not. The stage had displays that we can see in some stores and it also looked like a store or and a mall but the rest where people were watching and the stage looked normal. I have no idea if there were other things happening in that dream.