I remember two dreams (it could of been 1).

All I remember was that I went to the hospital (it looked different and so was my house) and that at home dad was doing nothing sitting in a chair (the only difference with real life is that he was also not watching tv) and mom told him that the hospital would call back and I either thought or said aloud no they won't it does not work like that.

I was in the middle of a huge crowd that were protesting probably something idiotic since it was leftists. At one point I started to laugh hysterically because one of them screamed that Oprah Winfrey was a god or and a savior and then I imitated that person (right after everyone around agreed) and this is where they got angry at me but I did not care. Another screamed two idiotic things after each other and the last was the complete opposite so I laughing repeated both things and she said yeah looking at me like I was a moron not understanding and by then a crowd started to appear around me and I still was not scared and I continued still amused until they physically were touching me they were so close so I started to say to back away and to push them and hit them. They were threatening but none were able to hit me.