I remember three dreams. Also at least once I woke up jumping but I also remembered that what I dreamed was not scary at all (that last time which was maybe the first and only time that happened i said so to myself right after the jump why did i woke up like that).

All I remember is big houses, the ones we often see in the south of the United States.

I remember Leonardo DiCaprio and at one point he was either acting or rehearsing acting, it looked a lot or all or most or some like The Revenant.

I was at my aesthetician, I had changed my purse and everything else that had to do with it but I hated it. I re-arranged it when waiting for my appointment. The one I had was sitting down where we pay (in real life there is no seat there) and she was smiling looking straight ahead. The other was up and talking to a client near the door where the rooms we get treatments are, I was sitting and waiting in the waiting space. Finally at the time of the appointment she got up and it was my turn, the other looked to be ignoring me but she did not.

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