I remember one dream.

That happened in Saint-Hubert. For some reason it was either a new law or the idea or mom or dad or both of them to park cars (or at least some or most) on the streets and not on our property. Mom despite not knowing how to driving was doing it with one of the two cars that belonged to my brother who was not alive in the dream. I was with her or at least close by. She had trouble finding a spot that was legal plus she did not want to go far. I told her to let me do it and she let me, we ended up with the help of a person and it was far but I looked at her and said that it was just like a twenty minutes walk for me so I could go get the car when needed and I even could walk it faster. She agreed, it was a parking lot of a garage, that part of town of other town looked almost abandoned. Dad was there too at least in one part but I only remember him standing there.