I remember two dreams.

I went to a drugstore to get melatonin then I decided to ask for the help of a pharmacist, I had a really big slice of bread that I cut in two and I put each pieces in two different mugs (was planning what to put on the toasts either for then or later - i think i was the only 1 doing that - i do remember being ashamed or at least shy about it but i do not think anybody was looking or laughing at me or judging me just the woman who answered me when i asked for a pharmacist looking at me weird or maybe it was because i did not look at her when asking) when I asked, a woman working there told me it would not take a long time but it did, I was so tired that I did not realise it I just stood there half dead from that tiredness. Finally someone came to me apologising for taking that long because they forgot about me. I think I said it was okay I asked about something to help me sleep because I was dying of that insomnia but I did not want medication. I was helped and I said during that time that I could go with Zquil (sp??) but that would be the top I would go as far as medication go. I do not know if something else happened there.

I was with Gisele and another woman high placed in fashion, she was shown a few items and she was going to model it, something I thought was a dress caught my eye first because it was ugly then on Gisele I started to change my mind, Gisele was half naked but did not mind, she tried the dress thing and I think other things too before, she said something close to the face of the other woman whispering smiling, I said my thought on the dress aloud and I was looked at like I should not talk and then I realised it was a bathrobe and said nothing else. I think it ended there.