I remember one dream.

I was walking and in front there was Scarlett Johansson and she was with a man that was her boyfriend, of course there were paparazzi parasites on them and I was telling her to just ignore them and also gave her ideas like get people with big lights to blind them at night instead of her being blinded, she was grateful but her boyfriend was not he was trying to get rid of me and she stopped him. We continued to walk together and talk with each others and he continued to be annoyed. It turned out we were in the same hotel and me (we found that out when she asked me where i was staying) and we went to the restaurant and he went to their suite. We arrived late and stayed there despite it being closed (maybe not when we arrived) we looked at the dessert menu and I saw a picture of a chocolate mousse with butter but it was on fries and I asked for it without the fries and I think she ordered the same. I was expecting a lot and it tasted very good. In what seems hours later we both went to our room. Then what I remember is me watching a Formula One race with Michael Schumacher racing for Ferrari and I heard a knock and went there without missing a thing and while still watching and talking to whoever was there (i think there was more than 1) an accident happened and I totally freaked out screaming where is he over and over until I saw him and he was okay (i think someone tried to point him to me or and say he was ok - maybe more than 1).