I remember two dreams.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house with my parents. A death occurred in the family and many members were supposed to come stay at our house. I hated it but tried to act normal and nice anyway. I was not going to go to the funeral so I was looking forward to that time alone and also was making plans on how to be alone during that time. When an ant arrived mom looked at me concerned which shocked me but I went to greet her, I thought she would hug me like the others so I made the first move but she did not. Besides that and trying to do my things without being bothered I only remember this but I think this was it.

I was not in that one I believe. Three people were lost in a mountain in Winter, they found a big RV abandoned that still had fuel, water and plenty of food and blankets. One of them was using too much, one wanted to leave on foot and the other was trying to do what was best for their survival.