I remember three dreams.

I made myself some food, I was living with my parents and our place was not like real life and not like any places we ever lived. I was asked by mom if it was good and I said yes then I told her it is not the name brand it is Kraft Dinner. For some reason dad stayed near me and kept looking at me.

I was by myself visiting houses. One was a big house with a big (smaller than the house) building, the land was big but not huge and it was all where water was. The two buildings needed renovations and I said that I had lots of money so that did not matter. I loved it but the water being so near the house scared me because of all the floodings in my province lately and when we were walking in the yard I saw the middle had water there and I saw that it had paths and one led to the water and water was coming from there, there were even water where the entrance was. I said that if I could come back with someone who could inspect everything and he would tell me that if it did flood that the house and other building could be protected so that the water could never enter I would buy it and cash, the agent agreed. In the meantime I kept visiting and this time it was lands. They all looked interesting to me because of the different sizes but they all were near something either that made noise or where many people were, I did not mind that I told the agent but I said that if one day I decided to sell that it would be a huge problem since a lot of people hated all that.

Madonna was in a normal car driving, there were at least two or three other people there and they were all having fun but the paparazzis of course were chasing, I do not think it was there from the start but at one point (they did not stop anywhere) a camera was there with her at the front and it was catching the paparazzis. She was bothered by it but refused to show these psychopaths it was ruining her time.