I remember three dreams.

We were moving to another place soon (the place in the dream was worst than here) I went in the kitchen to make some food, the plan was to make something quick. For some reason the fryer was like a big frying pan in a square shape and it was almost the same size at the oven top, it had been used for a few times the past days and enough oil was left. I put the food and since some places had either less oil or no oil I was shifting the pan so that the food would cook evenly with the oil. I had an accident and most of the oil ended up on the stove and on the floor. I even had some on me (top of 1 hand) but I could only feel a little heat. I think I said oh oh when that happened. At least mom came soon after and I told her (or them) what had happened, I was by then with the food in what seemed to be the living room that was right where the kitchen was. For some reason I had to hurry with the food. Also I tried to wipe as much oil as possible with paper towels after it happened.

I told my parents that the water pump was getting worst and dad said something stupid so I said something back and also said (unless that was just it) that I would go to a motel if we had no water (i probably also said something like they would give me back every cent it would cost or and that i would move). We were in this home.

I did not look like myself, I think it was not me most or all of that time. I was a young boy (almost teenager i think) bullied. The school was going to a ski trip and I said I would go, that I was familiar with that sport but this was not true. I also was poor but managed to get the equipment needed. I was scared on the lift but did not show it, I did not even know if I had to have my skis on or not while there, most did not so I did not and put them on top of the mountain. When I started skiing it was like I was a pro, I even acted like I was a spy or something at one point but soon after I came at a spot where the snow had melted and then there were another spot like that that was worst which is where I took off my skis and tried to warn others coming fast who did not know but others were doing that. The bullies were all together higher than where the skiers were and they were laughing at me but less than usual, I ignored them and were walking with the others. It was becoming hotter so I unzipped my coat. At one point someone gave me a pole which I soon later left on a tree where people were walking, it was a pole found on the ground so I figured the person who had it if they would see it they would recognize it, people thought I had made a mistake because that other pole had yellow and my skis had some yellow but I had not. We ended up where a man working there was waiting. There was water and a dock. A boat was supposed to come, he called to ask where the boat was and it soon arrived then he asked how many could enter and he got seventeen I think. I was near there so one of the first to enter so I could get a rare seat. I think this is when I woke up.