I remember one dream.

Mom wanted me to get an appointment for her too when she learned I was soon going to call my aesthetician (the 1 we had in Amqui - thats basically the only thing that looked like that place but the rest did not look like any places i have lived in except that some streets looked familiar). I thought about it for a while to be sure to pick days I would not have to cancel due to the European Tennis season. I made that call and for some reason from a conversation my parents had the day of the appointment where she had one too I understood that they would go somewhere for just a few moments then come back home so I went too and when we arrived at the aesthetician place I realised it was the time of our appointment and then we would run our errands. In said oh I thought we only were coming for a few moments so I did not bring my purse. Mom was shocked and dad looked at me like I was the stupidest person on Earth then I said just someone give me the money then I will pay it back later at home and they both looked at each others like I would not then shrugged and we both went to the appointment and he stayed waiting in the parking lot because her appointment was first and won't take long so the plan was to do a few things during mine. I was wondering how that happened plus I was not comfortable because I was not wearing what I wanted to wear.