I remember two dreams.

All I know is that I woke up with a song in my head, one of the songs from one of the two Ghostbusters, it must come from a dream because I haven't seen one of those movies in a while plus I have not thought or heard of that song since the last time seeing that movie.

I do not remember the start but I was walking in water and the water started to rise very fast which trapped me, since I cannot swim and the water was too high to go back on the shore I climbed on rock and kept climbing because the water kept rising. Before reaching the top that was very high that place transformed to the bedroom I had in Saint-Hubert but it was still big rocks that was high as a mountain almost surrounded by water. On top I started screaming and hitting the wall plus making sounds very loudly. The end of that room where the door is on the right corner was the kitchen and I saw both of my parents but there was a lot of noise and they both were talking so I kept banging and screaming and making noise all the while the water kept rising around me but it did not go where they were. They finally heard me and dad come to catch me but he was laughing. I was insulted that he thought me drowning was funny but all I wanted was to live so I made sure he would caught me which he did. I do not remember mom's reaction and if she came where I was or not.