I remember one dream.

The start I mostly do not remember anymore, it was someone who fought with a sword a prince of what seems to be a middle east place. Then it was me in a really beat up small car with that prince and we were moving away, I had my four musketeers with me and a small bag. I asked him to stop before we left that city who by then mostly looked different and like it was really poor, I took a sign out from a window that was a business and then we drove away, I did not close the door which came off but none of us cared. I started to laugh at one point and he smiled. I was scared for my eyes with the wind but did not put anything to protect them. I had Coin Coin on me and then I got the others, we arrived at a small mountain full of rocks which he drove on and up there was a train track and on it and on the mountain people. Suddendly one started a fire and when on the track I jumped off with the four musketeers in my arms and went in a ditch and kept running until the explosion of the car in which the prince was still in, it was the plan all along. He came out and went after me and I did not stop running and when I fell I went back up. For some reason my duvet cover was on that track and it was all along the ditch too despite it being very long and sometimes it fell on the ditch. At the end I realised I only had one in my arms and I decided to turn around, saw the feet of Gagou first and I pulled then saw the two others. After I got them I start running again. It either stopped or I forgot the end.