I remember two dreams.

It was a fashion show and many different models were walking for it from pros to newcomers to people who were not models. Bella Hadid had an awful attitude and was acting like she was the best there and of all time, she warned others to not come close to her. I do not know if it was me but the best or bests were or was the one considered ugliest and who it was also the first modeling job ever.

I knew a man who was the boss or one of the boss or a huge, tall and fancy building. I was in the elevator and it either stopped before I reached his storey or it was before it started to move a security guard came to see me and I told him who I knew and he went to check then I went to see him. He was acting strange and I realised he was not even an imposter or drugged or whatever he was an hologram. So I acted normal and when he left I left too, I kept changing elevators and pushing different buttons and not going out when the doors would open. I came close to whoever had taken control a few times and then ended up at the lowest level where I realised there were no cameras there and they did not want to come there either except once where they could see, there were drawers of some kind there and bodies were put there, a few people acted like they were dead and were put dead and I did the same too after putting on makeup to make believe I was seriously injured before dying. The believed that and we all came out after we knew they would not see anymore. We were planning our escape and the day before we all took melatonin that worked, after taking mine (there were several tastes available and i picked the 1 that interested me the least so that if it would not work like all the others tried before i would get to the better tastes later hoping these would work) someone came in who was the only one who did not take any so I showed the open bottle to him and said he should take some to get a good night of sleep to have better energy and he took one that ended up huge when he put it in his mouth and it was hard candy then too (before smaller and gummy) and he chewed it super fast and I told him to be careful that he could choke but he continued and did not choke (with the candy he became more and more like mom).