I remember three dreams.

I went back to the hospital and was told when I went into the examination room before the door was closed so I could get into the gown that they would take care of me, I rolled my eyes and said yeah right. A man doctor came in and I started to cry because he seemed nice and I had the hope I would finally be cured, he was careful with the examination. That is all I remember.

I was in a boat with two other people. I decided one night to keep driving and I was looking at the map to find an island that had nobody living in and I went to one at the side where on land nobody would see us so we could have some peace. The others thought it was dangerous because on that part the waves were bigger but I anchored the boat on the water plus it was also anchored on land. I went on land then realised the boat with the two people were swept away. I do not remember how (perhaps the dream rewinded for me - it happens sometimes to me but normally or always it is when it is me in trouble) but I ended up back on the boat and was able to navigate through very high and strong waves. That is all I remember.

A man installed a carnival ride on his yard hoping it would excite the kids of the neighborhood but it did not, two girls ended up going which made him happy (1 of the girls realised how sad he was - i think she was me). I do not remember how but the neighborhood or and that yard because a carnival and by the end it was almost like an amusement park.