I remember four dreams.

I was walking and having a discussion with an aunt (i do not think she was there from the start). At first I was thinking then I told her that I would adopt a Dog (told her about other plans too or i was just thinking them) then I told her that if I was still with them meaning my parents and I made a move with my head towards where they were that I would have to get a Poodle because mom was allergic to Dogs, I said I did not hate them but I would prefer a big furry Dog and I said that smiling. I think this was supposed to be Saint-Hubert but it looked different.

Dad asked me at what time on a certain day (or it was that day) I needed to leave and I told him and he said it was perfect that he could do (do not remember) so he went outside and I stayed inside.

We were attacked by aliens. That is basically what I remember.

Explosions were about to begin (i think we were being attacked) and I was surrounded by people and I had a way out but did not want anybody to follow me, I was trying to explain that even if I wanted to bring people they could not come to the helicopter in time then I saw a Dog who was a German Shepherd (of a cop i think) and I thought that I could not leave him there so I opened the door and gave him a sign to enter which he did. I stayed out a while longer, the door stayed opened but the Dog stayed inside. After a while I went on the helicopter and eventhough I had no idea how to fly that thing I was able to, I hurried and in time we got away and the aftermath of the explosion almost got us. We ended up in a forest where we lived comfortably and happy.