I remember one dream.

I was shopping with Hailey Baldwin. For some reason she was walking fast, we were followed by paparazzi of course and these psychopaths entered the shopping mall to follow us there. She was walking in front of me but at first I could keep up so she was either next to me or close to me. I saw a purse in a fancy store so I told her and we went in but up close I did not like it, we looked around a little bit but we did not like anything so we left that store. She was still walking fast which I still found funny but at one point I lost track of her, we were supposed to go to a store who sell only books of games (word search and things like that) so I went there, a lot of people were outside that store and in too, I tried to see her before entering, in the store and also before reaching the store but did not see her. I looked around and then looked around again when she was not there. After I went near the cash register and looked around again saying aloud at least once where is she. I think that ended there or soon after.